A bounce sign of U.S. stock funds market

Cash invested in U.S. stock funds spiked last week, according to a report released yesterday by TrimTabs Investment Research.

Equity mutual funds posted inflows of $11.9 billion for the week ended April 8, the Sausalito, Calif.-based research firm found. The funds saw inflows of $3 billion the previous week.

Funds that invest primarily in domestic stocks took in the lion’s share of the cash, with net inflows of $11.1 billion.

Funds focused largely on non-U.S. stocks posted inflows of $844 million, the firm reported.

Bond funds also had positive sales with inflows of $1.7 billion for the week, though that was down from $6.8 billion the previous week.

Hybrid funds, which invest in both stocks and bonds, had inflows of $361 million for the most recent week, compared with $409 million the previous week.

Exchange traded funds that invest in U.S. stocks, on the other hand, posted their second consecutive week of net outflows, shedding $1.4 billion.

At the same time, ETFs that invest in non-U.S. stocks had inflows of $1.9 billion for the week, up from $502 million during the previous week.

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