Investment highlights of China to focus on five areas in 2009

What’s the investment highlights in China in 2009?

Investments from Chinese central government will focus on five major areas in 2009, reporters recently learned from the National Development and Reform Work Conference.

These issues include: agriculture, rural areas and farmers; welfare housing projects; infrastructure construction in areas including transportation; energy conservation and emissions reduction; and social undertakings.

Several principles must be upheld when expanding investments in 2009. The investment projects must integrate well with one another and must be able to effectively trigger social investment. Well-organized specialized planning with precise execution of the preliminary stages of work is required. At the same time, the goods orders must be placed and payments made as quickly as possible in order to strictly control capital and quality.


  1. It's always hard to find a good investible project.But fortunately I found West China was not hurt by economy crisis. :)

  2. Brief & Concise. I pray for the Best to the people of China and sincerely hope that the Govt. can cushion the recession by implementing the mentioned projects.

  3. love china love chinese culture. One of the diverse cultures in the world. salute it.


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