China's online shopping totals breaking 100 billion yuan in 2008

The global financial crisis bring great damage to China’s economy, influence the entire business environment. But still there is some good news. The online shopping market is growing. Maybe we can find some investment opportunity in this area.

The annual trade volume of China's online shopping market in 2008 surpassed the amount of 100 billion yuan for the first time, totaling 120 billion yuan, up by 128.5 percent year on year. Compared with the previous year, the growth rate rose by nearly 40 percentage points.

The data come from the "2008 China Online Shopping Research Report," jointly published by iResearch Consulting Group, a domestic polling organization, and taobao.com.

The report also shows that, in 2008, the number of registered online shoppers in China increased by 185 percent from the previous year, reaching 120 million customers.

Analysts say that China's online shopping market breaking the 100 billion yuan threshold is the sign that online shopping has already become an important component of the nation's retail market.


  1. I beleive Chinese Online Shopping market is second in the world only next to USA. It is a sure sign that Chinese econonmy is going in the right direction

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